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What is a Backend developer?

It is a person who works on maintaining and testing elements in the back end house with an intent they work efficiently and faster. Such person works closely with the whole team of professionals i.e. front-end developers, programmers, UX developers and fill stack developers, with a purpose to create and provide the best digital solutions based on business needs.

The team of Back-End Developers works on creating applications around the front-end and at some time provides constant support. The main goal of a back-end developer is to make sure the website or application opens and functions in the right way without any errors.

The process or Backend Development in other words known as server-side development that is invisible to the users. It is basically everything that is being done in the back of the house behind the scenes  to produce an actual website and focuses on backend logics, database, Servers and APIs.

Why do you need a Backend Developer?

Important to know possible reasons of why organisation should hire Backend Developer, therefore we have listed them down below just for you:

Roadmap of Backend Development:

Stage 1: List of responsibilities

Stage 2: Write the initial endpoints and get something working

Stage 3: Design the API and document it

Stage 4: Design and implement the database

Stage 5: Backend test script

Stage 6: Implement the API using

Stage 7: Deploy


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