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What is a Brand Strategy?

The basics of brand strategy is a roadmap to improve your reputation and at the same time career for higher brand awareness. It tells you where you are today and where you want to be in the future in terms of visibility (brand awareness).

Brand Strategy consists of tools, tactics and skills that are required to achieve your goal. This also includes a daily content calendar for the purpose to guide you on your journey. A well-planned strategy removes uncertainty and allows you to focus on implementing.

Brand strategy is tightly interlinked with content marketing. Most components that consist in brand strategy are actually taken from content marketing, however, the differentiation is that brand strategy helps you to build the image of your personal brand.

Why do you need a Brand Strategy?

You need Brand Strategy when…

No clue of your purpose, vision, mission, or values to make marketing and business decisions that don’t represent or mirror them.

No clue of a documented marketing plan with the hope that what you do will work out eventually.

The team is in confusion or conflict which makes it hard for everyone to feel interested and engaged.

No clue of cohesive brand messaging resulting in your content being inconsistent and contradictory. In fact, it is not easy to attract people who share similar values.

No clue of how to formulate your brand which results in your business in a hidden spot and place on the market.

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relationships, experience and satisfaction”. TechFellas

Roadmap of Brand Strategy:

Stage 1: Brand Heart (Company Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values)

Stage 2: Brand Messaging (Brand Essence, Personality, Voice & Tone, Value Proposition, Tagline, Messaging Pillars)

Stage 3: Visual Identity (Logo: Typography, Color, Imagery, Illustration, Photography)

Stage 4: Brand Guidelines (Verbal & Visual). Combines previous stages together.


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