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What is a Content Strategy?

In simple words, Content Strategy is a documented plan that depicts your content marketing goals and at the same time helps you to identify experiences and stories that aim in achieving the goals.

It is vital to generate content that wins people’s hearts and minds and turns them into lifelong supporters of your brand.

Content Strategy is not easy because it requires you to use your creativity and consistency to generate quality content. It is also hard when you have a limited budget because it takes time to actually generate valuable content. However, it becomes easier when you have a content strategy because it is attached to your long term goals.

Content Marketing starts with a well generated Content Strategy.

Why do you need a Content Strategy?

With a good Content Strategy, you are able to…

Make better decisions. Having strategy allows you to see potential problems, get rid of trash content and be able to improve for a better content visualisation. It gives you the opportunity to record assumptions and evaluate them when results are ready.

Keep everyone on the same page. With a well-documented Content Strategy, the communication efficiency is higher. It allows your team to work externally and internally on your strategy and understand what exactly is expected to be done, why it needs to be done, how it needs to be done and why it even matters. This way your team takes more responsibility in doing their work and therefore will contribute and produce better content in a shorter time and with lower stress.

Be accountable. It allows you to evaluate the ideas that you implemented, plan, monitor and measure results in order to see the dynamic of growth.

Budget allocation and Resource improvement. The biggest advantage of this one is that you can in advance find out the best way to get maximum from using minimum resources. It will help you also stay within your budget or find a reason why you might need more budget.

Roadmap of a Content Strategy:

Stage 1: Discovery (Review Your Business Goals, Content Audit, Review Your Tech Stack)

Stage 2: Planning (Documentation of Content Strategy Goals, Identification of your Personas, Mapping Your Customer Journey, Determine Your Measurement Approach, Choice of Channel Mix, Creation of Content Pipeline, Assign Workflow & Governance
Know and understand possible Tools.

Stage 3: Creative (Brainstorming Campaigns, Building Editorial Calendar, Strategy Implementation)


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