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What is a Social Media Strategy?

A social media strategy is a documented plan of your social media goals consisting of techniques that you will use to achieve them and metrics that are used to monitor and track the progress. Increasing engagement and interaction across social media platforms is one of the purposes of social media goals.

Moreover, your social media accounts on different platforms could have different goals specific to the platform you are present.

Why do you need a Social Media Strategy?

The world is transforming to be fully digitalised in the near future and therefore the social web is growing very fast.

Purchasing decisions are highly influenced by social media because of people using smartphones and technology.

Lack of strategy makes it hard to compete on the market.

Remember your customers are on social media daily.

Key influencers in different social media platforms.

Your business reputations can be enhanced on social networks.

Roadmap of Social Media Strategy:

Stage 1: Align Social media marketing goals with business objectives

Stage 2: Defining Audience

Stage 3: Competitors

Stage 4: Audit

Stage 5: Right Platforms (setting up/improving)

Stage 6: Inspiration (research popular campaigns)

Stage 7: Calendar


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