UX stands for User Experience and UI stands for User Interface and is undervalued by the majority. It is beyond the digital and technology products. 

Lately, you have probably seen or heard the words UX and UI Designer, because it is been appearing all over the internet and mentioned more often. Unfortunately, not everyone knows what exactly UX Designer does. 

The businesses that work with technology nowadays are compelled to hire UX or UI Designer, however, first of all, let’s understand what UX Designer really do. If you are working on the development of the new product, the UX Designer is one of the experts who will guide you on the Product Design Process (PDP) and at the same time develop a mobile app from the scratch.

In simple words, UX and UI Designers creates the best user experience possible for the product. One of the key tasks and responsibilities for the UX designer is to make services and products not just usable but so users would actually be able to access and enjoy their experience.

On top of that, UX and UI Designer is bridging the gap amongst users and other people who are being involved in the project such as stakeholders or the development team. 

UX and UI Designer is some sort of a negotiator between the product and the users who use these products. The human factor is the key to a better user experience.

What a UX designer actually does and how they can help you?

All stages should be followed by focusing on every single process in order to increase the functionality of the product to maximum benefit its users.

PDP is also known as the Product Design Process consists of 4 stages:

1. Research

2. Ideation

3. Execution

4. Technical Assessment

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