Digital Marketing 5C’s

  • 15/10/2021
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5 C’s are crucial for digital marketing and arethoroughly explained for you below.

1. Content

  • The content for digital marketing is the most essential part because it drives social media strategies, educates your audience and fuels SEO.  It is not enough just to open up the business, invest in advertising, buy ads and find investors. The good statistics won’t last for long, so it is vital to consistently work on the content for your audience to stand out from the massive amount of products/services. Creating a blog on a website helps a lot to attract an audience into becoming customers eventually by educating them about your product/service and sharing all the knowledge with thoughts in that blog. 

2. Consistency

  • As you have probably heard many times before, consistency is the key not only in sports but in every single sphere, like in the case of digital marketing too. Companies have different opportunities in terms of keeping their consistency on social media. Some of them can generate and publish 1 post every day, however, others might only be able to post once a week. Creating a schedule will help you with that by creating a diary of when posts should be published, where it should be published, and at what time is it the best way to publish it. Send out newsletter, sales updates and make monthly reports to monitor the progress of being consistent on social media. 

3. Creativity

  • There are so many talents on the Internet who produce valuable and creative content and use their creativity to their benefit. Companies and people are using various platforms and apps to be more creative with their posts. People even subscribe to photoshop or editing tutorials to upgrade their skills and expand their creativity in order to produce so-called ‘gold content’. That is why it is essential to not be afraid to experiment with content to find exactly what attracts your audience. 

4. Communication

  • The Internet gives the opportunity to sell to anyone, and that is why it is possible to market to anyone. People can be in different parts of the world but still be able and have a chance to work together by communicating via the Internet. You don’t need to be in the same region to hire a marketing consulting company, attend events, solve a conflict with your customer, run a business, or even more. Everything nowadays is done and managed via the digital world. So use this tool to benefit in the way you want it to. 

5. Clients customization

  • You probably know that the customer is at the heart of every single business. If there would not be customers, there would not be any demand for specific products. Therefore companies would not have anyone to sell their products to and will not generate any profit at all. Providing personalized service to your customers is essential because they will when they are taken care of. Customers remember mainly experience and not the outcome (bought product). Make them come back for this experience and the feelings that they had when they were served by you. Create this unique, unforgettable experience for your customers to benefit not only them but also your business. 

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